Orlando Embraced Cancer-care Teams: My Word

State’s Top Cancer Programs Unite to Expand Care, New Pairing Creates UF Health Cancer Center at Orlando Health

That so-called multidisciplinary approach, where every patient with cancer is treated by a team of medical professionals, was hardly practiced anywhere in Florida. That is, until MD Anderson arrived, and perceived (and real) competition stimulated every institution providing cancer care to ramp up cancer-treatment programs. After a number of reciprocal trips between Orlando and Houston following that 1989 visit, a group of eight physicians in Orlando and the administration of the hospital in which they practiced, the Orlando Regional Medical Center, bought into this concept, and a joint venture between ORMC and the Texas facility opened for business in January 1991. That organization, the Orlando Cancer Center, eventually became known as MD Anderson Cancer Center Orlando.

Associates of Nursing Degree to be Offered by Orlando Medical Institute in Spring 2014

Philip Phillips left a legacy that has spanned several generations culminating in the establishment of Dr. Phillips Charities, comprised of The Dr. P. Phillips Foundation and Dr.

How to contribute

ft expansion space is nearing completion with final work being done on the classrooms, simulation centers and streamlined technology hub for students’ enhanced learning. OMI Nursing students will enjoy: Simulation labs with hospital-style patient rooms and medical bays Specially designed classrooms with multiple flat screen TV monitors iPads for enhanced integrated classroom presentation technology which will be issued to each student High fidelity simulation mannequins, which facilitate a wide variety of nursing scenarios Access to computers for nursing program students with a dedicated Library and private study area OMI will provide its students with all the tools and skills they need to succeed in the challenging and rewarding field of nursing. For information on admission requirements and to learn more about Orlando Medical Institute’s educational opportunities call 407-251-0007 or visit http://www.omi.edu . About Orlando Medical Institute Since 2004, Orlando Medical Institute has been providing quality education for those who have a passion for taking care of people in need of Emergency Medical Care. Since the school’s opening, several thousand students have graduated, ready to pursue their career. Orlando Medical Institute is a progressive school dedicated to providing quality education and training in the field of pre-hospital medicine. OMI currently offers EMT and Paramedic training, Associates Degree in EMS, CPR courses and additional continuing education classes. The school has one of the highest EMT and Paramedic certification pass rates in the State of Florida. Felix Marquez, Jr., President/CEO is the name behind OMI’s successful reign.

Orlando Florida Attractions

Orlando Florida Attractions

The Amway Center offers the tallest high-definition screen in the NBA, ensuring that every seat in the stadium will supply you with the best view of all the plays. Beyond the game, the Amway Center offers a variety of restaurants and attractions that showcase the history and important events for the Orlando Magic team. A fan zone allows fans to investigate the important historical moments for the team, as well as examine statistics and facts about the players. For the enthusiastic fan or visitor, attend the Orlando Magic Fan Fest which takes place on nearby Church street prior to home games.

Shot by accident: Florida’s epidemic

Mario Whitehead feeds his niece, Jaylah Giles, at his home in Orlando, Fla., on Sept. 27, 2013. Whitehead was paralyzed from the waist down in an accidental shooting earlier in the year. (Gary W. Green/Orlando Sentinel/MCT)

Rooney urged gun owners to be responsible, to know at all times where their weapons are and to properly secure them. Officers, he said, are finding and seizing too many stolen guns. Academic researchers who studied household gun ownership data recommended in an article published in the medical journal “Pediatrics” in 2005 that public health officials encourage families to store firearms safely and that doctors, especially pediatricians, talk with parents about that. Florida lawmakers, however, voted in 2011 to ban doctors from asking patients about gun ownership. A court later overturned the law. Schaechter, the University of Miami pediatrician, is one of several plaintiffs challenging the law in court.

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